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Louisiana Continuing Education Requirements

Continuing education is  required for resident insurance producers, bail bond licensees, title agents and adjusters as follows:

     1. Producers licensed for one or more lines of life, health and accident,  property and/or casualty:  24 hours 

     2. Producers licensed for line of bail bonds:   12 hours                   

     3. Producers licensed for line of title:  12 hours

     4. Adjuster license:  24 hours including 3 hours of ethics are required every 2 years.

Producers licensed for one or more lines of life, health and accident, property, casualty  and all adjusters must include 3 hours in ethics as part of the 24 hour requirement. 

Insurance producers with the lines of property and/or casualty must include 3 hours of education in flood as part of the 24 hour requirement.

Title agents must include 2 hours on the topic of consumer financial protection as part of the 12 our requirement.

Producer may not sell, solicit or negotiate long-term care insurance unless the individual has complied with the long-term care training requirements. After completing the initial training of 8 hours, resident producers must complete a 4-hour ongoing training course every two years as part of their 24 hour requirements.

Producers engaged in the sale of annuity products to complete a one-time 4 hour training course. This requirement is separate and distinct from the continuing education requirements for a licensee and applies to both resident and nonresident producers. The requirement applies to all types of annuity products.